Below is a list of services that we provide at FASH:ED. Our services have been created to provide accessiblity, flexiblity and afforability for fashion creatives. We cater to both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and are able to tailor our services directly to your needs.


fashion creatives collective - members club

Tired of working from your bed, the kitchen, your local coffee shop? The FCC is for startups who want to work out of their usual locations, network and collaborate with our creatives. Additionally each member receives a free one:one consultation each session, as well as learn from industry professionals through special in-person masterclasses.

Price start from just - £20 (SESSION)


Affordable and accessible that is our aim! We specialise in providing educational content for creatives focusing on topics such as marketing, pr, social media, law, finance, personal branding, manufacturing and the design process. Our instructors are academics, industry professionals and entrepreneurs, the content has been created to be able to learn anywhere at anytime. Content may vary from short sessions to week or month long programs. It's worth noting that timing and pricing may vary. 

Price start from just - £10



CV’s are still a requirement within the industry so it’s important that you ensure your CV ends up top of the pile? How? We do more than just comment, our feedback is invaluable we also carry out an audit and edit it ensuring you are proud and ready to land your career job!

Price - Free of charge


BUSINESS TUTORING & mentoring for startups.

Consulting for startups isn’t always effective, so we take the tutoring approach. Why? We believe in more than just doing the work for you, it’s important that you understand what exactly is being done so that you have the knowledge and skills to continue growing your brand. Our sessions are tailored to your experience, the stage of your business. 

Price start from just - £30ph



When you apply for a job or meet someone at a networking event, the first thing they do is google you. What does google say about you? It’s important to understand that we are all a brand we must take pride in it and invest in ourselves. This consist of creating and managing your digital footprint. Do you feel uncomfortable with presenting? Well we help with perfecting your pitch, identifying the power of appearance and establishing the right look for you, building confidence and more.

Price start from just  - £15



Graduating can be daunting, the idea of becoming a professional after being a student for how many years is difficult. We provide you with practical support to help you be physically and mentally prepared yourself for the working world from gaining confidence, managing your finance and more.

Price - From £15



Education doesn't have to be expensive. These are intimate practical workshops taught either in lecture theatres, over breakfast or round table style. Our topic focuses are marketing, pr, social media, law, finance, personal branding, manufacturing and the design process. Again these are delivered by academics, industry professionals and entrepreneurs..

Price start from just - £10



We deliver bespoke workshops and create resources for fashion design, media and business students. The subjects vary a few to name are how to create a fashion business, personal branding, fashion careers clinic and marketing your brand on a budget. All of our sessions are extremely practical and engaging, plus we include a competition which drives the students to get involved! We are also able to cover fashion business modules for universities that require the topic for their unit.

Price vary (email for more info)



Do you have a burning question that requires answering from a fashion professional, but you're stuck because you don't have anyone to ask? Well our helpline is for you! Once a month we open our lines to a few lucky creatives to recieve support relating to their business/career decisions.

Price - Free of charge