About fash:ed


FASH:ED is an online learning platform for fashion creatives striving to build sustainable businesses and find their desired career job by equipping through masterclasses, classes, resources, and tools.

FASH:ED was created to empower and encourage self-education and personal professional development, by providing affordable and accessible education for students, graduates, startups and established brands. Advance their careers, develop their businesses and improve their skills. All content is created and delivered by experienced academics, consultants, industry professionals and entrepreneurs.



FASH:ED was founded by Frederica Boateng a Fashion Marketing and Business Management lecturer who studied at the London College of Fashion. During her time at LCF she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Marketing and a Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Whilst studying she noticed that there was a majority of students leaving university unprepared to start businesses or find their career jobs due to the lack of entrepreneurial, industry and practical life skills needed to thrive within the industry. She then developed Let's Talk Fashion Business as a research project for 1 year, after gathering the necessary information which she set out to gain she began developing FASH:ED which is still a work in progress, striving to be fashion's leading online learning platform across the globe.


Below are the names of all the people who make FASH:ED happen!

Graphics Design and Web Development - Sara Khoo

Internal and External Communications - Emily Jenkins

Marketing and PR Team - Gabriella Parris, Emily Busuttil and Morin Braimoh

Branding - Veronica Macaan

Writers - Greta Donna and Ola Johnson

Videographer - Nosheen Hussain