The Importance of Presentation through Your Appearance

First impressions are important as the way we dress is considered an aspect of non verbal communication. We live in an era when going to a job interview no longer means black trousers and a white shirt. Staying professional and expressing your personality through your outfit plays a bit part when in search to further your career.

The beauty of being a part of this industry is being allowed to create our own style and show our creativity through our appearance. As much as we may love current trends knowing how to pick the right outfit for a job interview could be a crucial part of whether the job will be yours.

Fashion industry is highly competitive and for a better chance to ‘ bag ‘ yourself a position in this multi billion pound industry, proving that you are the right candidate starts with your presentation through your appearance. 

Dressing in a smart manner will show the employer that you are professional and you take your career prospects seriously. Put yourself in the position of your potential employer and think about the things that you would consider before taking on a new person. They must look tidy, professional and approachable. Those are the three things to consider when choosing your interview outfit.

Consider the position you’re going for to express your skills through your clothes. If the job role is office based keep your outfit simple, clean and tidy. For a stylist or visual merchandiser position you may play with colours and textures more as your personal style will help you show your creativity through and that will be a skill the employer will look for.

I truly believe that in order to stand out you must express your style and creativity though your outfit whilst maintaining a smart dress code. Combine your favourites items with traditional formal pieces. A vintage pant suit ( stick to neutral tones: beige, brown, black, navy or grey ) would look fantastic with a plain white shirt. For more of a strong feminine look go for a long white shirt dress with black trousers and a statement bag. Here is where you can introduce colour and playfulness. To show your knowledge of current trend pieces layer a simple black sleeveless dress over a neutral tone roll neck top.

Same rules apply for male outfits. A smart trouser is a must. If you go for a coloured bottom, such as brown, khaki, navy or burgundy stick to a black or white minimalistic shirt and vice versa with a black pair of trousers you may experiment more with the top half of the outfit. 

Shoes should always be clean and smart. Things to avoid are open toe shoes,sandals, excessive jewellery, any type of sports/active wear, denim or bright colours. 

Appear your best with the perfect interview outfit and grab the attention of others to explain how both the company and you can benefit by hiring you, without being aggressive. Bright colours and prints can be very intimidating. Choose items which are a lot less statement and more approachable. Stay away from too many designer labels and logos. Those are very welcome but in a tasteful and subtle form. 

Many high-street shops have a business/formal wear section which could be helpful for those who struggle with dressing for those sort of occasions. H&M is a great example of somewhere where you can pick clothing which is both trendy and professional. With a fantastic team working within the store feel free to grab an assistant to help you find something for you.