Is It Worth Doing a Masters Degree?

When your undergraduate course comes to an end the questions come flooding in. Whats the best next step? Is this a career path I want to go down? What is it that I want to do? Should I start looking for a job? Or maybe take a gap year? A Masters degree could be a potential next step at this point in student’s life. Here are some important factors to consider before continuing higher education.


You will become an expert in your field

Masters will help you extend your knowledge and share it with others. Opposing to an undergraduate degree where you gain new knowledge, a masters allows you to share yours and work alongside those also passionate and educated in a specific field. Doing a masters will allow you to become a specialist. I may also help you get ahead in your career plan.

You will have what’s required of you

If you're required to have a Masters degree to get your dream job or continue your plan to succeed in your career, Masters may be a necessity or at least something worth considering.


You already have an Undergraduate Degree and would like to change your career path

This could allow you to become a specialist in a different field, or have advanced knowledge which others may not have. For example, if you are currently studying journalism and you are passionate about fashion here it where you can combine the two and make yourself a highly desirable candidate as a fashion journalist. 


You could increase your earning potential 

As a more specialised individual working in a highly competitive industry, you could have a bigger chance of getting a higher paid position when competing against others. This qualification may make you a more attractive candidate as it will show your commitment in the field, advanced knowledge and dedication.


If you're doing it because you are unsure of what career path to take.

It would be a huge waste of time if you are not 100% sure if this is what you want to do. This course will require a lot of your time and commitment. If you are not passionate about what you want to do, your chances to fail are bigger therefore you will be putting yourself at a risk of wasting a large sum of money. The finances and time could be used in a much more beneficial way to starting your own business or getting a lot more relevant education which will help you get your dream job.

If you don’t want to stop being in education and go into full-time employment

Masters differentiates from an Undergraduate degree is several ways. One of those is the sacrifice you'll have to make by spending your free time on learning and doing work. If you want to do a masters in order continue the student lifestyle you will be putting yourself at risk of being disappointed and failing the course. There are several other options to consider other then full time employment such as internships,work placements, working aboard, travelling or volunteering.


Comparing yourself to others or meeting expectations of your loved ones will put an enormous presser on you. It’s important to purse further education because of your own desire to do it, not because you are worried about ‘ not being as good as others ‘. Don't consider doing a masters degree justbecause that is what people around are doing. Your chances of having a successful career do not come down to having a Masters but showing your exceptional work ethic and commitment to the job.  

If you aren't able to support yourself

Higher education is an expensive investment. Even if you are able to get help from the government , the help is limited therefore before making a decision do consider if this is where you want to spend your money. Think about if the investment will be worth it once you work in the industry and if you are going to be able to support yourself during your time at University. If you’re paying for the tuition yourself also consider if this is what you want your money to be spend on or if there are other ways of investing your money to help you on you career journey. 

Decision of whether it is worth doing a Master has to be looked at individually. As it may be extremely beneficial to one person, it may be a waste of time and money to another. Think about what it is what’s making you consider this option and decide based on where it is that you see yourself in the future.