How Social Media Impacts the Fashion Industry

Social Media platforms have taken over from traditional forms of advertising and have become a key marketing strategy. It reaches out to a larger audience who can incorporate their favourite brands into their everyday lives. Companies are now able to not only target their customers but also personalise what products they are being suggested. This has been made possible by utilising their search engine history. This is an incredibly clever and a much cheaper way of reaching out to new individuals and engaging with regular costumers.  

Asking for opinions, creating polls, sharing pictures or comments has allowed companies and their followers to engage on a new scale. It has become much more personal and has helped to maintain or improve reputation. Most of the the popular platforms use a video option, which gives you a voice.

Whatever your role is becoming a part of Social Media can be very important in your career path as networking has been made simpler and much more accessible. Employers now look for people who are able to use the platforms and use them it to their full potential. 

Depending on the field of work you are interested in, specific platforms can help you grow an audience and promote your work.

  • FACEBOOK - still the largest Social Media platform out there. Generally accounts are created for personal use; however, the free space to promote yourself and your products is huge. If you are a designer, an artist or a creator, its a great way to promote yourself and gain new costumers.
  • INSTAGRAM - a predominantly visually based platform where you can tell your story with photographs. A great way to gain a big audience and engage with them by showing your creativity in the most eye catching way. This is a much easier way of reaching out to well established brands. Ideal for photographers, stylist, models, artists and bloggers.
  • TWITTER - a fun and easy form of a short blog. You can share your thoughts, ideas and creations with the world by using a HASHTAG and tagging individuals and brands.
  • LINKEDIN - it's a professional social network where individuals can look for new opportunities, job positions, reach out to employers and get scouted. Also it's fantastic for the fashion newbies who would like to gain more experience. Perfect for those looking for managerial positions, working in retail, visual merchandisers, journalist and those passionate about media and PR.
  • YOUTUBE - the fastest growing platform. Easy way to communicate with others and educate yourself. Show your creativity, build a community of followers and practise public speaking. Commonly used by bloggers, vloggers, journalist, musicians, make up and hair artists. 

Other popular platforms to consider are Pinterest, Tumblr and Wordpress.

Building just two of those platforms and gaining a number of followers can help your CV, by making it more attractive, and make you a more desirable employee. The number of people in your audience that you engage with can be more beneficial than experience. By linking your accounts you can appeal to a much larger audience and build more successful platforms which can give you a greater chance of succeeding.

For those who are passionate about those platforms there are multiple career paths where you can work within the field and educate yourself as its a forever growing business. 

Given that social media has a strong impact within this industry becoming a participant can help you achieve a career in the fashion world.

Written by Ola Johnson